I had sent Briggs to bed this evening and shortly later he came running out holding his Devin Booker shirt. Frantically waving it, he tells me he needs to throw it in the dryer – he’s wearing it to school tomorrow. It didn’t need drying – it needed washed. It’s jersey day tomorrow for spirit week at school and he couldn’t imagine not having his shirt clean. Of course with the Suns in the playoffs right now, he feels the need to wear it every time they’re playing…we’re getting a lot mileage out of that birthday gift!

Speaking of playoffs – our Suns our moving on, which mean they deserve another post and more pictures from the season. Steve took our three oldest kids earlier in the season and Bennett was a magnet for the players during warm ups – he even got Ayton to come over for a picture. His 10-year-old mind can’t think of anything cooler than a fist bump and picture with Ayton! All the kids were on cloud 9.

Steve and I were able to go to a couple games with friends and we must have been good luck charms because we’ve never seen them lose in person!

We’re excited for the post-season and we love that our family has embraced this together – everyone is invested and it makes for some great family time. Suns in 4…our family’s theme song these days…even when they win in 6!