We made it home!

We drove 4,453 miles through/visited 5 states: Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

We were gone for 33 days (which doesn’t count Lake Powell because we came home after for a few days to unpack and repack)

With gas prices at record highs, I’m unwilling to add up our gas bill. 🙂

We found 46 of the 50 license plates. We missed out on Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and South Carolina. I’m pretty sure we miss New Hampshire and Rhode Island every year. I suppose it’s the distance and amount of license plates from those states that work against us every year.

The DVD player broke half way through our adventure which I have come to realize is a luxury I don’t want to live without on those long drives.

Due to the lack of movies in the car we listened to our summer road trip playlist more than we ever have. Even Briggs had all the lyrics memorized.

We went to Sams Club/Costco 6 times.

The lowest day temperature was 46 degrees – when am I going to learn that we need to pack warmer clothes! Every year I’m packing when Arizona is 115 degrees and it’s hard to imagine any place being cold.

I picked up Steve from the airport 2 times. (Should have been three times but we cancelled one his flights last minute)

We slept in 6 different beds.

We attended one family reunion, two tennis tournaments, a milestone birthday party, 2 BYU sports camps and one rodeo.

In total, my kids caught 171 fish. (Hunter caught 111 of those fish). They didn’t keep any of them.

We connected with friends and family all along the way and it is the most rewarding part of this trip.

Now it’s time to get ready for school to start in a week and a half!