When Hallie got her yearbook this year, we got a good laugh at how similar her photo was her freshman year and sophomore year (down to her hair and similar shirt). Not to mention that most people think she’s siblings with her cousin which I can see why they would get confused.

Hallie was surprised to find a really large picture of her playing tennis. We have taken so many great pictures this year from her matches, she wishes it would’ve been one of those photos instead of this one from practice.

And she was equally surprised to find this really large picture from her Sadie’s dance. She’s still not even sure how they got their hands on the full-resolution photo (although I reminded her that I did send out the folder of all the hi-res to her whole dance group, so they were readily available). She was interviewed (by text, which is how they get all the quotes for the yearbook) so she thought they may use a picture but she never heard anything back so she wasn’t sure. It was a cute picture, I don’t blame them for making it big. 🙂

I got a kick out of our text messages the day she picked up her yearbook.

She signed up to have yearbook as her elective next year so there shouldn’t be any more surprises.