The summers seem to get shorter and shorter every year. But here we are once again, the first week in August starting school. As if the universe was apologizing to us for having to start so early, we had a beautiful thunderstorm roll through last night which dropped our temperatures lower than Steve and I can ever remember on the first day of school for our kids.

As we skipped away from the school this morning it was a balmy 78 degrees. The best weather ever. Don’t worry, by the time they got home from school it was 100. But at least we weren’t dripping buckets of sweat when he dropped them off this morning. (we’re usually melting!)

Briggs was a chatty Cathy when he got home from school and he was so happy and excited about everything. First grade is awesome.

Cannon is hitting the age where he hears everyone say they hate school and he wants to agree, but in his heart, he still loves it. He loves recess and the fact that his best friend is in his class again. He realized today, he’s a little rusty on his Spanish.

Bennett is living his best life as the oldest kids in the school. He has a large group of friends that play soccer every recess and he was disappointed to learn they’ve removed their morning recess to better prepare them for junior high next year. He was not amused. He actually has the same teachers as last year since they both moved up with his class and he already knows he loves them. Although, one of them is really “strict” in his opinion which judging from the group of kids she has, she should be!

Hunter is also the old man on campus (although they only have two grades at his school). Like Cannon, I think Hunter knows his friends don’t enjoy school, but he does and he excels at it and he just owns it! He’s excited about his honors high school geometry class he’s taking and so far he likes all his teachers.

I was surprisingly most nervous to hear about Hallie’s first day of school because high school can be brutal sometimes! Her school only allows juniors and seniors to drive to school which she is excited about this year, however, they only let seniors leave for lunch which is a major disappointment. Her school is really large so every semester she’s just hoping she knows at least one person in each of her classes and there were some disappointments today. But she came home with a positive report on the day and then turned around and went to a concert tonight for a friend’s birthday as if it’s still summer vacation! I suppose we’re easing into this school thing. 🙂