This is going to be picture heavy because I have far too many random pictures left of our Idaho trip.

We made it to my friend’s farm where the big kids picked cherries while the younger kids entertained the goats. I’m pretty sure my kids were more entertained than the goats.

My brother put my kids to use cleaning up the yard of one of his properties.

We spent so much time playing sports/games. Evening soccer and tennis was always on the schedule and we spent most afternoons in the church gym playing more games and the kids did their sports workouts.

My brother’s pond got so much use. If they weren’t fishing it, they were playing in it.

We visited my grandparent’s grave and then spent some time walking around the cemetery. We had some great discussions looking at headstones that evening.

My brother took my older kids up to McCall to do some natural river surfing. My kids were expecting it to be like lake wake surfing – which is so far from what it actually is. But they all got the hang of it eventually. (The clouds in this picture look totally fake!)

We always make a visit to the local city pool which is funny since we get so much pool use at home, but they are all big fans of the high dive.

Hallie and Hunter both participated in some tennis tournaments. And evidently, we like Hurley sweatshirts.

My brothers really enjoy tennis as well and Hallie has been playing against my younger brother for the last couple years when we visit. She was close to beating him last year, but he pulled through in the end. You can imagine the trash talking they had been slinging back and forth. It was a fun night when we were all able to witness Hallie beating him. Of course he was looking for a re-match the rest of our stay and they couldn’t ever find a time. So the is the picture in which we will remember their one and only battle this summer.

I was able to visit with several friends and managed to snap a picture at on of our meetups. The lady in the middle was my teacher and then coach all through high school. Every summer we meet for lunch and every summer I wonder how I was so lucky to cross paths with her.

We played hard. Every. Single. Day.

I can’t even count how many air soft battles were fought this summer. These boys couldn’t get enough of it.

One morning Hunter and my mom were twinning in their turkey trot shirts.

The local Wendy’s was crushing it with their wall art and failing at actually having frosty’s available – and we went more than once!

The fishing/camping trip was definitely a highlight for my boys and they had stories for days!

I’m not going to post every sunset picture that I found on my camera, but those sunsets never got old.

My parents and brother were such good hosts – obviously making it a little too comfortable for how long we’re willing to stay.

Our Idaho summers always hold a special place in my heart – and it’s taking root in my kids’ hearts as well. As one of the songs on our road trip playlist says, “I’d rather be in Idaho…” at least in the summer time. 🙂