My dad had a big birthday last week. And because we were together just a few weeks ago in Idaho, we decided to celebrate him a little early with some close family and friends. It was a beautiful night honoring him.

Anyone who has been here for any length of time knows my dad has been my sidekick on every major project. When I say let’s build a shed, he says sure. When I say let’s build a massive entertainment center, he doesn’t question. When I say let’s build a barn door. Or 70 lineal feet of cabinets. Or build a storage room in the garage. He doesn’t hesitate. He shows up and helps me out until the very minute he leaves for the airport. He has been what has made all my DIY projects possible.

I don’t think he loves it, or even has any expertise in it, but he’s a willing set of hands which is worth more than I can describe. Not to mention it’s been fun to share these projects with him over the years. In fact, every year since we moved here (aside from the year after his open heart surgery) he has shown up with drills and work gloves in his suitcase. It makes me emotional just thinking of all the service he’s rendered to help make our house a home.

Happy birthday dad!