Tonight, Hallie and I were having a personal/emotional talk and I couldn’t help but think of a little date night we had a few months back after a women’s conference with our church. We attended the conference and then went out to dinner with some of Hallie’s friends and their moms.

It was a beautiful night and several times I was looking at Hallie across the table amazed at just how old she’s getting, and just how much of my heart is with her always. She is full of light and laughter and is always up for a good conversation. I texted her just this morning telling her how lucky I was to get a daughter that doubles as a best friend.

And just to level set some expectations, it hasn’t always been like this! We watched old home videos on Sunday and I was reminded of just how difficult she was as a baby and toddler; screaming and throwing tantrums.

I’ll take this stage over the toddler stage any day!