I don’t want to label any of my kids as crazy – but sometimes they do some crazy things!

Hallie is known for talking and walking in her sleep – unfortunately she gained some of my not-so-awesome qualities.

All of our kids do such a great job of getting up for school on their own. However, just the other day, in the shuffle of breakfast, and hair brushing, and lunch making, and scriptures, I asked several kids if they had seen Hallie yet that morning and no one could recall seeing her. So I quickly bounded up the stairs knowing she was going to be lucky if she made it out the door on time. I opened her door to find her jumping out of bed claiming she couldn’t find her alarm clock. Her alarm didn’t wake her up because it was missing. I looked at her night stand and sure enough, there was no clock. As she was rushing to get dressed, she was positive someone had taken her clock.

“Did you set it last night?”


“So you think someone came in your room after you fell asleep and took your alarm clock?”

Yes, where else would it be?

As she continued to get ready, I started to scour her room for the missing clock. It didn’t take me long to pull back all of her covers to find her clock (which is really her echo dot) shoved in her covers at the foot of her bed.

I was giggling as I made the discovery. As soon as she saw the clock in her covers she started to recall a dream she had during the night where she must have unplugged the clock and shoved it in her covers. And as crazy as that sounds, it was actually reassuring that it’s not something more crazy like someone breaking into our house and stealing her alarm clock.

We had a good laugh – partly because I do things like that on the regular. Steve could write volumes on my sleep issues.

And despite the late wake up call she still made it to school on time!