This was at the beginning of the summer, but it needed to be documented. Steve took the boys on their annual father/son campout – also known as the trip where a change of underwear and toothbrushes are optional. 🙂 In all his years of taking the boys, they have not slept in a tent more than they’ve slept in a tent. Lucky for Steve, his friend was taking their RV and he made room for Steve and the boys. (Which is Briggs’ dream come true because he still struggles to understand how his friends get to have sleepovers every night and he doesn’t get to join them…they are twins!)

These friends are more like siblings and a weekend in the RV is everything they could imagine and more. And Hunter is a great sport because although they don’t have a boy his age, he still pals around with all of them and treats them like brothers.

They made marshmallow guns – marshmallows and dirt are the perfect combination for a beautiful mess. They came home dirty and sticky and telling me about all the amazing adventures they had. I think they’re realizing just how awesome a weekend without mom is once in a while.

Hallie and I enjoyed our “boy-free” time: Shopping and dinner. It won’t be long before the boys leave for their father/son weekend and I won’t have anyone left at home! I’m grateful Hallie is still willing to spend a weekend night with me while she’s still around!