Two things that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around: Hallie likes country music and she’s old enough to go to concerts without me.

We were driving back from Idaho this summer when Hallie received a message from friends inviting her to join them at the Thomas Rhett concert – on the evening of the first day of school.

I was surprised at how quickly she jumped at the opportunity. It was an outdoor venue so the tickets were cheaper than a typical concert, but she didn’t even hesitate, she was in.

I grew up enjoying country music but since my kids can remember, I haven’t listened to it much. I’m pretty sure my kids’ exposure to country music started at Lake Powell when every boat was blasting country songs. Every year, they walk away from Powell with a few more country songs they love. In fact Hallie fell in love with Morgan Wallen after one of our Powell trips and would give just about anything to see him in concert. And after looking at ticket prices, she would have to give everything plus an arm and a leg.

Luckily, she loves Thomas Rhett as well and he was in her price range! The fact that it was on the first day of school was icing on the cake. She went with some girlfriends and they had the best time singing at the top of their lungs all night long. My girl loves music and she’s a little country and little city.