We celebrated Cannon this weekend. One of his gifts was a date night with Steve and a friend (of course he chose his best friend Avery!). He was grinning ear to ear when he opened that gift. His love language is the gift of time. He loves any and all special “dates”.

Here’s a 9-year-old snapshot:

He has started playing soccer just like his older brothers.

He still has some of the most unruly hair. Every morning it’s so hard to tame. And he has a lot of it!

He is sensitive and isn’t as rough and tumble as some of his brothers.

He shares a room with Briggs and they both think it’s the other person that messes up their room. There is a reason they are sharing – they’re both messy!

I was surprised when they asked him to sing a solo part for the primary program at church. Evidently, he’s a singer. The only time I hear him sing is to Imagine Dragons when we have it playing on the Alexa in the kitchen.

He prefers Steve to me all day long. He has a special bond with his dad and I often see them sitting at the kitchen counter playing a game.

We just had parent teacher conferences and I was not surprised to hear he excels in school because he just loves it. He’s always willing to help a classmate and leads out in the class.

He’s happy. He can entertain himself, or he can go to the neighbors and grab a friend. He’s such a good sport as he sits at older siblings games and he loves it when they come to his games. He’s not so little anymore!