Fall break 2022 is a closed chapter in our book with more pictures than I can count! Our kids loved our fall break last year to San Francisco and we were looking forward to a similar trip this year. However, with the airlines being as expensive and unreliable as they have been, we opted for a vacation within driving distance. When our friends suggested Mexico with them we knew we had our plan.

We used to go to Mexico frequently with friends and then the kids got older and it became harder to miss school and weekend activities/sports. In fact it’s been two years since we’ve been able to make it work. We have such fond memories of our time with our friends on this beach, we were happy to make this happen at least one more time before all those little kids we once wrangled on the beach grow up and start to move on.

The area we like to visit is a surprisingly empty beach. We have the whole thing to ourselves and it’s beautiful. October is the perfect season because the water is nice and warm – even I like getting in! The kids wake up early and play hard (Although I’m not sure Hallie made it up by 11 except the day we were leaving!). When the kids were younger, they would wear out much faster and we often found ourselves relaxing in the beach house during the afternoon. Now that the kids are older, they just played. Even when we suggested they stay inside for a bit after lunch, they were ready to get back outside.

We experienced one really high tide day and the waves were crashing into the sea wall. We were all out in the waves having the best time getting tossed around on the paddle boards. When the waves finally subsided it was perfect skim board conditions. By the afternoon, we were out playing games in the sand and settling in to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The perfect day.

This trip, once a labor of love, has finally turned the corner to completely enjoyable as all the kids are independent and can entertain themselves with little effort – added bonus, they can put their own sunscreen on. Vacations just become more fun!