It used to be that my parents would come into town and I would come up with fun activities they could do with my kids to fill our days. And then life shifted. Now they come down when there’s a kid’s activity they can participate in. This past weekend was full of soccer, as well as Cannon’s birthday and they were able to join in the fun.

A quiet morning in the temple while the kids were in school.

A birthday lunch of Cannon’s choice: Taco Bell. In which Cannon was the only one who ate lunch! I’m so grateful when my kids get a little older and their palette for a birthday lunch improves. 🙂

Hunter was the only one who ended up having games this weekend – but he had a tournament and we were able to attend all of his games. Bennett’s game was cancelled at the very last minute (very disappointing) and Cannon’s was cancelled earlier in the week. My parents have sat through their fair share of soccer games over the years and I’m grateful they still find it enjoyable to cheer from the sidelines.

Hunter was in luck with my parents in town. He has to test multiple ages for his science fair project (does age affect response time) and he got several rounds of testing out of the way this weekend.

And although this wasn’t a project weekend – my parents still managed to help me get some things knocked off my punchlist. New moulding in the dining room is installed and painted and at the last minute we got new landscape lighting installed. Not expected, but totally appreciated.

Not to mention, we also took some new photos of the kids for our wall (seen above). It’s been several years since we’ve updated and it was long past due.

Their visits are never quite long enough. I’m already looking at the next tennis/soccer tournament and wondering if I can get them to come back down.