Hallie had her homecoming dance this weekend and she loved every minute of being on the dance floor. She was asked by a boy from one of her classes that she really didn’t know and yet she had a great time.

Typically, her high school dances are outside but due to a large storm that moved through this weekend they were forced to move it into the gym. That same storm also threatened all the homecoming pictures that were planned outdoors. I was tracking the storm and knew it was going to fall right during the time we were taking pictures so we bumped up the picture taking time by a little bit so we could get some shots before the rain started to fall. And even bumping up our time, we still got some rain. That rain turned into a serious downpour and by the time these kids were headed home for the night some roads were closed due to flash floods.

But nothing was going to rain on Hallie’s parade because rain or shine she lives for dances. And by that I mean being in the middle of the dance floor in the mosh pit. Which seems so funny to me because that isn’t typically her personality – I would love to be a fly on the wall and go watch her at a dance sometime!