I had a meeting at the high school on Hallie’s birthday. I teased her I was going to convince the principal to wish her a happy birthday over the intercom system (which I totally could have pulled off). Sometimes its fun to watch your kids squirm just a little bit…she was adamant that I not do that – it would be so embarrassing. Some kids may love that kind of attention and others would be mortified – Hallie falls in the latter camp.

As I was wrapping up my meeting, Hallie texted me asking if I was still at the school. Her campus is large – but we just so happened to be in the exact same building and even the same hallway of her school. I met her outside the classroom and gave her a quick hug (In our similar sweaters in which she will claim she was dressed first – she was!)

I suggested she go say hi to the principal standing just outside the building. (Hallie’s been working with him on a project so he’s come to know her and appreciate her).

Once she was outside, I let the principal know it was her birthday which of course resulted in him leading the birthday song to our group of 10 community members. She was only slightly embarrassed. 🙂

This was our text exchange after:

My parenting philosophy is never let them know your next move!