We recently hosted a dinner at our home. Ideally, we would have had it outside, but we’re working on the backyard so we held the dinner inside. As luck would have it, it was cold, rainy and miserable that day and it would have been moved inside regardless.

There’s nothing like hosing a function in your house to finish all the unfinished projects. I was more productive in the four weeks leading up to this dinner than I have been the whole year.

We cleared all the furniture out of our living room to make room for all the tables and my kids thought it was the best day ever. They were running back and forth running football plays.

My office on the other hand was looking a little crowded! And the pathway to my computer was a difficult maze.

Before long, our empty living room was full again.

And then it was really full.

It’s funny how long you can think about and work towards an event – and then it’s just over. You clean up and you move on and forget just how much time you spent prepping for it. (Sometimes I think the same thing about Christmas – so much time and prep and mental energy and Christmas morning comes and then its done!) However, the prep for this event was really just finishing all the projects I hadn’t got around to working on for a while! It was a good excuse to give our home a little TLC. 🙂

We had a beautiful night of connection and friendship and the gathering served it’s purpose.