Hunter had a soccer game 2 1/2 hours north of us last weekend. Just two days before the game, they had a large snow storm and we were all hopeful the game would be cancelled. We checked in with the opposing coach and he said the game was on and the snow would be removed from the turf field. Our coach’s response was, “What is snow?!”

Hunter dressed warm and made the trek up north with some teammates with a quick pitstop at McDonalds for the breakfast of champions.

Unfortunately, one of the cars in the caravan ran into some issues, so we had just 8 players at the start of the game. We were short players. There was snow on the sidelines. And it was cold and windy. This was shaping up to be a tough game. Oddly enough, this was just the magic sauce this team needed. The rest of the players showed up and we dominated. The opposing team was ranked higher than us and yet these kids had grit (they couldn’t feel their fingers, but they had grit!) We pulled off an 8-3 win and that is without our goalie who had had a conflict that day.

At one point, Hunter was subbed out and immediately put on his Comfy. The coach, who is stylish beyond measure, was so confused as to what he was wearing on the sidelines. This is a new coach for Hunter and he has no idea how frequently he’ll see the comfy make an appearance at the games in the next few months. He’s in for a treat!

Our boys are happy to be playing back in the valley this coming weekend where the temperature is mild and the snow is non-existent.