Hallie has a dance coming up and it is the tradition of the area to do a “day-date” before the dance. Usually it’s a week or two before, but with Thanksgiving coming up and Veteran’s Day three day weekend, Hallie’s group (girl ask guy) decided to do their date last weekend. They have a large group and trying to make decisions by large committee is tiresome to say the least. But shockingly enough, they all agreed pretty quickly on this date idea: A Suns basketball game.

The guys were more than happy to go to the game for their date. And everyone showed up in varying Suns gear.

They took the light rail downtown so they could all ride together and that was the best decision. and they grabbed dinner before heading to the game. They had the highest nose bleed seats and yet they were just happy to be there.

The Suns played the same team the night before and lost by just two points in the last second of the game. But this night was different. They pulled off an easy win and the group had a great time.

High school is full of good times!