Our kids participated in our church’s annual primary program on Sunday, where the kids have speaking and singing parts. About a month and a half ago, the primary chorister called and asked if Cannon would be willing to give up his speaking part for a singing part (the kids typically do one or the other since there are so many kids.) This was a little surprising considering Cannon doesn’t really sing. The chorister assured me she had listened to Cannon in class and he would do great. I never heard him practice or singing his part at home and the morning of the program I asked if he wanted to go over his part. He was confident and said he was good.

You can imagine my surprise when he got up there and sang his part so beautifully. He wasn’t nervous, his voice was steady and he was totally on-key! What was not surprising is him undressing the minute we got in the car after church – something I have come to expect from him! Another not so surprising moment – finding his suit crumpled on the floor of his closet.

But the boy can sing!