22 years ago, Steve served a mission for our church in Peru. In the two years Steve served, he had one mission companion in particular who he connected with. This companion was a Peruvian and they lived together for 6 months and they had the best time and truly became friends.

But they came from two different worlds and when their missions ended, they didn’t stay in contact. Luckily, technology today allows us to be so much more connected to people near and far.

Steve came home from church Sunday so excited. He had connected with this companion on social media and they were scheduled to have a video call. Steve pulled out old photos from his mission to show the kids. And Hallie and Hunter were interested in listening in on his conversation. Hunter made the poor assumption the conversation would be in english and he would be able to understand something.

Instead, he sat there and listened as Steve used his rusty Spanish to communicate. Steve was beaming, so happy to be talking to his old friend. And it was good to be speaking Spanish again. He keeps saying he wants to improve his Spanish and this conversation just lit a fire in him. Luckily, three of our kids are in Spanish immersion and he can practice all day long with them.