Cannon recently told us something about Bennett we were unaware of. Evidently, every morning, when he gets on the bus, with energy in his voice he declares, “Bennett on the bus!” and then does high fives to everyone as he goes to his seat. I thought there may be some exaggeration to the story so I asked Briggs – he confirmed the story and added that the kids cheer Bennett on as he walks to his seat. Later, without any leading, we asked Bennett what he does every morning he gets on the bus and sure enough, he admitted to same story Cannon and Briggs told.

The next morning, we watched him get on the bus and sure enough, we heard his declaration and then watched him passing out high fives. We just giggled.

He has so much personality and I Iove his confidence.

This story should not come as a surprise, because years ago, his preschool teacher shared a similar account. He used to walk into preschool announcing that he had arrived and people would clap. One day I dropped him off just a few minutes early and there were only two other kids there and he was very disappointed he didn’t get the same reception he normal receives. 🙂

Evidently, I was unaware of how much he likes to make an entrance!