I was nervous about having the kids home from school for a full week before Christmas – the energy is already a little high and I wasn’t sure how to keep them occupied. But it’s actually working out awesome and we saved some of our traditional activities for this week which is keeping everyone entertained.

Luckily, we have an amazingly ambitious mother in our neighborhood and I’m forever grateful for her energy. For the last couple years, she’s hosted a gingerbread making party and it is no small task. This year she had 50 neighbor kids in her front yard covered in frosting. Not to mention she went to all the work to hot glue all 50 houses so the kids had secure foundations to decorate. This is probably one of my kids very favorite Christmas activities – and if you could see the mess left behind it’s no wonder it’s most mom’s nightmare. Thank heavens for nice weather so this can be an outdoor party.