Hunter has a church leader who goes above and beyond and he plans the best monthly high adventure activities for their age group. Because of Hunter’s involvement with sports on the weekends, he doesn’t always get to participate. Last weekend he was able to join on the mountain biking campout and he had the best time.

Steve decided to join for the 5 mile mountain biking portion and then had plans to come home before the camping portion (I don’t blame him!) So his pack was significantly smaller and lighter than Hunters. In fact, as I watched them bike away from the house, I was worried Hunter was going to fall over with the pack on his back.

Shortly after they left, I was surprised to see Steve walk back in the door. I wasn’t expecting him for another couple hours. Unfortunately, just as they were setting out on their journey one of the boys got a flat tire. They tried to repair it but were unsuccessful. So Steve sent his bike on with the boy (along with his tin foil dinner that he had meticulously prepared) and he walked the flat tire bike back to the car and drove home.

Hunter came home the next morning and reported he was way too warm while sleeping and had plenty of food (which means who could have packed less). And he did in fact have a few small crashes – but it was more of a “tip-over” if we’re using his words. They did a couple runs in the dark with headlamps after setting up camp and that was one of his highlights of the weekend.

I love that he has such an adventurous leader willing to create so many awesome memories.