I can’t count how many high school games I’ve corralled and bribed my kids at, but it’s a significant amount!

And even as the kids have gotten older, they still require a bribe at some level. I went to three high school games tonight: A jv soccer game, as well as a jv and varsity basketball game. All the boys went to the soccer game. Hallie and Briggs came to the first basketball game with me. And then Hunter joined Briggs and Hallie at the last basketball game after his practice (while Cannon and Bennett were at their soccer practice.)

I sat next to a young mom during the second game with her three young kids and I couldn’t help but remember back to our early days of attending games for nieces and nephews. She had a six-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy and a one-year-old boy – basically this picture of my three young kids the exact same ages as her kids:

Now my youngest is as old as my oldest was in the picture above. Briggs was the only one that was with me throughout the entire evening and he handled it like a champ. Even now, all these years later, I still put a sucker in his pocket as we’re walking out the door to go to a game. Unfortunately he lost his sucker some where between game one and two which resulted in buying candy at the third game. He was such a trooper, I was happy to buy him a $2 bag of airheads as a reward!