Sometimes we end of up having a repeating gift on Christmas morning without even intending to do so. This year was the year of the shoe. Steve’s been asking for cool “dad” shoes. Hunter only asked for one thing for Christmas and it was shoes. And Hallie also is in a shoe phase as are many high school kids these days. (Briggs also ended up with a pair, not because he wanted them but because he needed them!)

Steve was the first one to open shoes and Hunter was salivating as he turned the shoes over and around in his hands.

Steve was recounting a Christmas when he was a young teenager and he received his first pair of Jordan shoes. And now that he’s 40, he just got his second pair and he’s just as excited. He will most definitely be one cool dad.

We made sure Hunter opened his shoes as his last present. By this point, it was late in the afternoon. We had eaten breakfast. We had gone to church. We had come home and eaten lunch. And the kids thought they were done opening gifts. And then we had a scavenger hunt for each one of them to find their last gift. Hunter started beaming at the thought there might still be a pair of shoes for him after all.

He did one small tear of the paper and saw the black box, and he knew.

He was one happy 14-year-old.

Hallie opened her last gift just after Hunter had opened his shoes. And as she opened the shipping box she too knew what her gift was and she just grinned at Hunter as she slid them out of the box.

She too was one happy girl.

When my kids were younger, I could not have imagined the day they would be asking for shoes for Christmas but here we are and Nike did not disappoint this year!