Hallie was on assignment for yearbook shooting photos at the varsity basketball game over Christmas break. It was a holiday tournament hosted at our high school with teams from all over the country participating.

As the game was wrapping up, Cam Johnson from the Phoenix Suns entered the gym. Many may not recognize his name, but we are big Suns fan and he’s a household name around here. When he entered the gym that evening, I’m not sure many people realized who he was at first, but Hallie and I knew exactly who he was! Evidently his brother plays basketball and his team was playing right after our high school team so he came to support his brother – who happens to look just like him.

Once people realized who he was, he started getting inundated with kids wanting pictures with him. The athletic director approached him and asked if he wanted more privacy so people wouldn’t approach him and he said, “No, it’s not a big deal, it’s Christmas.” And at that, Hallie got her picture with him!