I think all the kids were wondering how Christmas was going to work this year because we don’t normally attend church on Christmas morning but since it fell on a Sunday we were able to attend. Luckily we had late morning church at 11:30am. So we were able to sleep in until 8am before starting our Christmas morning. We made it through their stockings and a few gifts before we had breakfast and got ready for church.

Hallie (somewhat unwillingly) sang a duet for our Christmas program at church and she absolutely crushed it. She claims she’s not a singer but she has a beautiful on-pitch voice.

After church, we had lunch and resumed present opening. We had nowhere we needed to be so we took it slow and finished up around 3 o’clock. We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening hanging out in our pajamas (after getting back in our jammies after church), playing with Christmas presents and watching the Suns lose in overtime.

We had a beautiful day together.