We just moved back to 9am church and it is kicking my booty. It doesn’t help that Hallie and I need to break some bad habits of staying up really late on Saturday nights. (Which was much or reasonable when we had 11:30am church – not so reasonable at 9am).

For years and years, Steve has attended meetings on Sunday mornings which meant the responsibility for getting kids ready and out the door for church fell on me. When the kids were younger this was an overwhelming task and Steve did every thing he could to help me out by prepping the night before.

Last night, he asked if he could help get the younger boys bathed so they were ready for Sunday morning. In the past, I always needed that help.

But last night was different. I recognized for the first time with early church getting kids ready wasn’t the chore it used to be. I could do it without help because the kids were fairly independent: They can shower and get dressed with minimal assistance and it was refreshing to recognize that.

Its one of those things I hadn’t noticed changing and then realized just how far we’ve come! And I am grateful. Just another benefit of kids getting older.