Hunter does a great job managing his social calendar but because he’s still too young to drive, I still have to drive him around every where. Lucky for me, I have a group of moms that share the driving responsibilities and we’re always piping in on group chats about who’s available to drop off and pick up.

The kids went to a church dance last weekend and my friend offered to pick them up. This was very kind of her but I actually really enjoy picking up the dance crowd because the carpool conversations are always my favorite as they each recount each and every song they danced to and share details about their dance cards. It’s not a discussion I wanted to miss out on. So I hopped in the front seat with her and we picked up the group of kids together. They convinced us to run through the McDonald’s drive thru on the way home for ice cream cones – which was okay by me because that meant the carpool discussions would be a little longer that night.

As we were dropping off the first girl at her house, her mom came out to the car to say hi. Before long, she hopped in the car and we were both occupying the front seat and all the kids were crowded in the middle seat and the conversations kept rolling. It was late, but I couldn’t have been more grateful for the simple moment: Three moms in the front with five kids in the back and we were just chatting, laughing and joking around.

Last night Hunter was in the neighborhood (hosted by one of these moms) so I didn’t need to pick him but you better believe I got a call from the other mom asking if I would be picking up Hunter so all three of us could chat. It took me about two minutes to hop on a bike and head over and we sat in the kitchen for a while talking before wrapping up the party.

Life is more fun for me and Hunter because of this group and I’ll be sad the day they can drive and no longer require our chauffeuring services – it’s just as much for us as it is for them.