Most of the country saves their yard work for spring and summer when their landscaping isn’t covered in snow. In Arizona, we like to do our yard projects in the winter time and the kids were already complaining how hot it was while we were working so we know our weather window is closing.

When I was pregnant with Briggs, we landscaped the front yard and planted shrubs all down our walkway. It was beautiful and we loved it. But the shrubs didn’t love it and every year we lost several shrubs after scorching in the sun all summer and we would have to replace them. This past summer was brutal and we lost more plants than we ever have and we decided instead of replacing plants every summer we needed to find something a little more hardy.

We’ve been saying for months we were going to rip them out. So back in October, when my parents were visiting, they helped me replace our landscaping lighting along this walkway. And since we knew we were going to redo the plants, I never buried the lines, I figured I would do it when we replanted.

It’s now been several months and we’re finally taking action because summer weather is threatening us and if we don’t get it done now, it won’t happen until October.

After flag duty yesterday we all got to work and spent hours ripping out plants. It wasn’t back breaking labor by any means, but based on how sore I am today you would’ve thought it was!

Yes, I shoveled hard digging plants out but I’m having a hard time walking today – when did I get this old?