Eleven times a year, our neighborhood streets are lined with flags and it is a beautiful sight. But in order to make that happen, there is an army of kids and families who take turns putting the flags out on flag holidays. With the number of people willing to help, our family is assigned just one day of service this year and today was our day (with the help of four other families).

Even though all the kids knew we were waking up at the crack of dawn (on a day off of school) to do flags each one of them was so confused when I walked into their dark room this morning. “What are you doing?” “Where are we going?” “Why?”

I’m happy to report this day of service has become significantly easier the older our kids have grown. And as tradition goes, after we put out our 70 flags, we rewarded them with Bosa doughnuts…and followed that with a whole lot of yard work.

They would rather be at school! 🙂