I’m so happy when mini egg season rolls around. I was walking through Target after Christmas and I caught my first mini egg sighting. The Easter candy aisle was next to the Valentine candy aisle which was next to the end cap of leftover Christmas clearance – aren’t we so grateful for retailers who remind us well in advance what the next holiday is.

I snatched up a single small bag and knew it would last me a while when I eat just one or two eggs a day. (I have never been a huge chocolate fan, but these are the perfect little treat). When I got home, I threw them in the candy bucket to be opened at a later time. A week or two later, I was ready to open them up and when I pulled the bucket down off the shelf, I was disappointed to find the bag open and nearly empty. I knew I shouldn’t have put them in cupboard. Instead, I like to stash the bag in my desk drawer so I can snag one when I’m sitting at the computer.

The next time I was at Sam’s Club I found 42 ounces of goodness calling my name. I did not make the same mistake of putting them in the candy bucket. Instead, they found their home right next me to in my desk. This is a large enough bag, it will take a long time to work my way to the bottom. The problem is, Hallie has already located my egg stash and something tells me it wont be long until all the kids know the location. Truth be told Steve is the bigger culprit as he pops them in his mouth as if they were m&ms! 🙂