I always had it in my head that I wanted my kids to go to their siblings games and cheer each other on – and not just the younger kids supporting their older siblings.

But the older and more involved our kids have become the harder that idea has been to execute. Briggs, without any activities of his own, is the master supporter. If we go to games, he’s with us. But the rest of them are all busy in their own sports and they aren’t always available to go watch their siblings. However, we encourage it when they don’t have conflicts.

And sometimes the stars align and we get everyone to go to a game together. The downside to this is there is usually fighting and Steve and I are reminded why going to games by ourselves is really quite enjoyable. 🙂

But I love when they can support one another. I want the older kids to show up at Cannon’s game and see the grin spread across his face because he feels important. I want Bennett to hear his brother cheering for him as he prepares for a penalty kick. I want Hunter to get congratulatory hugs when he walks away with a medal. I want Hallie to see all her brother’s lined up looking up to her as she powers through another match. And one day, all of them are going to show up for Briggs when he’s spent so many years on the sidelines. I love this about family life.

Don’t get me wrong – it is busy and chaotic and we’re shuffling from one thing to the next, but it sure is awesome when they can show up for each other.