I had a meeting at the school district office this morning as part of a parent council committee I sit on.

I sit on all sorts of committees and I enjoy it but I’ll be honest, sometimes when it’s actually time to attend the meetings I dread going for one reason or another. This morning was one of those mornings – I knew I needed to attend the meeting but my list of things I was trying to get done was growing and skipping the meeting seemed like an easy fix. But I attended.

The meeting was fine – somewhat informative and they were seeking feedback on the new school websites they were rolling out. I contributed which is the whole reason I was asked to sit on the council.

But my win for the day actually came after the meeting ended.

Just yesterday, I had made a plan to email the superintendent about some immediate needs/issues with our elementary school, but I hadn’t made time to write the email yet.

Wouldn’t you know it, I walked into my meeting this morning and there sat the superintendent. We have a large school district with multiple assistant superintendents so the chances of me actually meeting with and talking to our superintendent is slim – so I took my opportunity. After the room cleared out we were able to sit and discuss things for an hour. The conversation was everything I was hoping I could convey through a one dimensional email and so much more.

As I was driving home this morning I couldn’t believe the timing of it all. I could have just as easily attended the meeting and never had the conversation and sent an email this afternoon. But I have worked so hard to put myself in positions to be an influence for good within our schools and today that worked in my favor. Sometimes life works that way and I’m so grateful when it does and recognize the divine beauty of it all.