Today, at AZ Brainfood, we celebrated packing the millionth bag – and it was a party!

What started out as a simple thought, has grown to so much more thanks to the willingness and generosity of so many. For over ten years, volunteers have shown up every Thursday morning to pack weekend food bags for kids throughout the valley and hitting a million bags is a HUGE accomplishment and a reason to celebrate.

And this lady started it all and I’m happy to call her a dear friend – she makes the work fun on so many levels.

As part of the celebration – there were a series of door prizes for those volunteering this morning and wouldn’t you know it Hunter ended up with one of the most valuable prizes – lifetime passes to all events at Mesa Public Schools. This may not seem like a valuable prize to many, but I assure you with all the sports we go to they will get plenty of use!

Every week I show up, I’m happy to be apart of something bigger than myself. And I’m beyond grateful to share the experience with my kids.

And next Thursday we start packing the next million bags.