Last year, Steve and I were out of town for a wedding on his birthday and he has not let us live it down! I can do one hundred things right and he will inevitably remember my mis-step. Thank heavens we are in town for his big day.

Here’s a snapshot of Briggs:

His nicknames are Briggsy boy, Briggers and Briggerton. Restaurant of choice is McDonalads.

He always has a ball in his hands or at his feet – and Hunter is always a willing partner.

Being the youngest – he’s used to a house full of kids and he hasn’t quite mastered the art of playing by himself. If his brothers are gone, he is at a loss as to what he should do.

He is very independent and doesn’t ask for help even when he probably should.

He has several friends in our neighborhood and his day is infinitely better if he’s with them.

He’s learning spanish at school and it’s fun to hear him try and speak with his brothers.

He is not-so patiently waiting until it’s his turn to start sports.

His teacher said he’s a talker in class and I believe her because he’s a talker at home.

He has the vocabulary and humor of an older child and uses words like “perhapsly”.

He loves the Phoenix Suns – Devin Booker is his favorite. He loves ASU football and spends a good portion of the year asking if we have a game to watch this Saturday.

He is our forever caboose and his siblings just want to make sure he doesn’t end up spoiled and soft. 🙂 Aren’t siblings the best!

Happy Birthday Briggers!