I was listening to a podcast about Easter and the host referenced the multi-hour “Passion Play” in Germany depicting Holy Week. I had never heard of this play so I looked it up and was fascinated by it. In Germany, in the 1600s, the plague was destroying a small town. The village made a vow to God that if their village was spared of the plague, in gratitude they would put on a play depicting the life and death of Jesus Christ. They have been performing this play every 10 years ever since. (In fact they performed it last year in 2022)

Although intriguing – I may never have the opportunity to attend the Passion play in Germany.

And I’m not sure how many live depictions currently celebrate Jesus Christ – but we have one in our backyard at the Mesa Temple and it is beautiful and our family looks forward to attending it every year.

For two weeks before Easter, Wednesday-Saturday on the temple grounds you can see the Easter Pageant with actors and music depicting Jesus Christ’s life from birth to resurrection. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes and it keeps even my youngest one engaged.

Its a beautiful addition to our Easter season and it’s going on now for anyone local!