This kid loves his Devin Booker jersey. If it was up to him, he would wear it every day. But like any reasonable parent, we’ve told him he has to wash it once in a while. His next question of course was, “How many times can you wear a jersey before you wash it?” Which I didn’t have a great answer for because sometimes he wears it to school and sometimes he just puts it on when he’s watching a game – so it kind of depends.

Yesterday I noticed he put on his jersey again after just having worn the day before without washing it. I knew it was going to be a battle because it was game day and he loves to wear it on game days. With games on both Friday and Saturday, I let it slide and told him he would need to put it in his dirty clothes after.

This afternoon, he came into my bedroom and casually asked again how many days he could wear the jersey before needing to wash it. I thought I was pretty clear yesterday but evidently not clear enough. There is a game tomorrow so he made sure to put it in the wash tonight!