Our kids are doing so well in all of their athletics right now – it’s so fun to cheer them on and celebrate their successes.

But lets talk about the real MVP – the youngest brother who is my little sidekick at every sporting event. He deserves a medal. He gets home from school each day unsure as to whether he’s going to be in a gym, at the courts or on the field. To be honest, he doesn’t always go willingly. But he knows the routine: Grab a sweatshirt, a water and stuff some snacks in your pocket.

He has no concept of time. He doesn’t know how far we’re driving or whether we’re getting home before or after dinner…he just hops in the car. Sometimes he’s lucky and there are other spectator siblings he can play with and sometimes it’s just the two of us and he passes the time by playing with whatever ball is readily available.

Before long he’ll be in sports of his own and unavailable to be my little support buddy. But until then, I’m going to start having all the kids refer to him as MVP. Maybe Hallie can even give him one of her old tennis medals to make it official. 🙂