We spent last week at the beach and admittedly, I was not totally looking forward to the trip. The weather forecast was dismal and the beach is infinitely more fun when the weather cooperates. But I’m happy to report regardless of the not-so-fantastic weather, we made the most of it and had a great time.

We had a few cold days with brief periods of the sun shining. We also had a good amount of wind – which was a bummer. But then our friend pulled out his fun kites and suddenly the wind didn’t seem like such a downer. I’m embarrassed how sore I was after spending some time letting the kite pull me around.

We knew the water was going to be cold so we made sure we had plenty of non-water beach activities and they kept everyone busy.

The older kids/adults enjoyed bottle bash and spike ball.

One of my favorite beach games is bocce ball – it doesn’t really require a skill like bottle bash or spikeball so all ages enjoy it. I’m particularly good at it which is I why I enjoy it so much. 🙂

The kids spent more time digging with shovels than they did any of the games we brought. They dug for hours – no joke. Hunter had blisters all over his hands and we kept telling him to stop but he was creating quite the little cove complete with steps out and a nice comfortable seating area.

At night the tide came in and destroyed their masterpieces so the next day they just started digging again. They got their workout for sure.

Although the kids got in the water a few times, I’m pretty sure the boogie boards got more use on the sand hill than they did in the waves. They made up so many games playing on this hill. This hill is also the reason why I’m still washing sand out of Cannon’s hair.

The skim boards were also a big hit because it didn’t really require getting in the cold water.

The frisbees also got a lot of use as well as the football and soccer ball.

I quickly realized the kids were going to have fun regardless of the less-than-ideal weather. I was bundled up in a coat for the majority of the time, but they didn’t seem to mind it much. It helped that we went with good friends and I’m not sure we’ve ever been together and not had great time. They were fun beach buddies for the week.