Bennett is traditionally the April Fools prankster – he’s done some funny things over the years. This year Bennett was up in Utah with Steve and Hunter so we were safe from his little tricks but I think his younger siblings have learned a thing or two from him because this year Cannon and Briggs were all about the pranks. Taping cereal boxes to the back of the cabinets, putting a small piece of paper over my computer mouse sensor so it wouldn’t work and even putting pop-its on the toilet seats. They sure had some laughs.

But I think Hunter’s prank takes the cake. Bright and early Saturday morning (technically it was dark considering it was 3:15am) I was taking Steve, Hunter and Bennett to the airport. We were just three hours into April Fools day and I was sharing with them a prank Hallie’s friend had pulled just three hours earlier minutes after midnight.

Hunter shared his plan to call Hallie later that day and expose his long term April Fools prank to her. I was confused – I thought maybe it was because the time of day – but really I had no clue what he was talking about. He went on to explain he’s been pranking Hallie for two months and he was finally going to fill her in on his little trick.

For over two months, Hallie’s Alexa speaker in her room would randomly start playing a song at the loudest volume. It happened at almost the same time every night as she was going to bed. Sometimes, she wasn’t even in her room and it would start playing. At first, we thought Bennett had created an alarm on her speaker so we cleared all the alarms. One evening, I was in her room when it happened at 11pm and I immediately walked into Hunter’s room to find him sleeping. We had no idea why it kept happening.

I found out early Saturday morning when I was driving them to the airport, Hunter is the reason it kept happening! All of our house Alexa speakers are connected and just before he would go to bed, he would tell Alexa to play a certain song at maximum volume in Hallie’s room. He chose some of the most random songs and he would act so innocent the next morning when Hallie would recount the creepy song that started playing in her room the night before – totally straight faced.

When Hunter called Saturday afternoon, Hallie was not surprised to find Hunter behind the most annoying prank ever. She applauded him for coming up with something so clever and for carrying it out for so long! She’s even more grateful to know it won’t be happening anymore. Something tells me Hunter will put an end to the prank but his little brothers now know how annoying it is and we’ll be hearing complaints about this prank for a while.