We’ve got a birthday boy!

Bennett is the life of the party. He’s loud. He’s entertaining. He’s funny. And at the same time, he’s content being by himself and he’ll often be found reading in his room when all the family is outside swimming. His energy is on his own timeframe and can’t be altered.

Just tonight we were at a nephew’s volleyball game – a game Bennett willing came to. After two games (losses), Bennett was done, he was ready to go home, he had checked out. But by the third game, we won – and Bennett’s energy started to shift. By the end of third game, Bennett was all in and he was up and cheering after each kill our team made – and he wouldn’t have let me pull him away from the game. But with Bennett it has to be his decision – no one is going to convince him of anything!

Here’s a snapshot of our newly appointed 12-year-old:

He’s still an avid reader. He works through series in no time – I think his favorite author is still Stuart Gibb.

His neighborhood friends are his life right now. He comes home from school and gets his homework and chores done quickly because he knows his friends are going to be gathered together on his doorstep in no time.

He’s passionate about sports. He likes playing them, he likes watching them.

He will follow the rules at all costs…and he’ll make sure you follow them too.

He loves the show Survivor. He is going back and watching all the old seasons and he’s so intense when he watches it.

I know he’s ready for Jr High because he’s starting to care a little more about how he looks and he’s wanting more stylish shoes.

He’s been in the Spanish immersion program at school and he speaks pretty well, and he understands even more. I enjoy listening to him carrying on conversations.

He is the most punctual kid. He knows what time he needs to be home and he is never late. But with that – he also expects everyone to be on time and gets very frustrated when they aren’t on time. And if lunch is at noon – you better believe he will be eating lunch at noon, and not a minute later.

He loves soccer and he loves it even more because he plays with his neighborhood friends.

He loves all things Suns. And he keeps the family informed of all the latest scores and highlights.

He keeps his room the cleanest out of all the kids in the family.

He sings loudly all the time. In his bedroom, in the bathroom, in the pantry. He sings.

He brings so much energy into our home and he’s always missed when he’s not home.

We are excited to celebrate him! Happy Birthday buddy.