When I was in college and taking all my advertising/marketing/graphic design classes, I had no idea the one job that would most perfectly execute all my skillsets would be unpaid…and it would take me 20 years to find it.

I am a booster mom, and it is more fun than any other work I’ve ever done!

When we got a new tennis coach this year, I sat down with him and he gave me a wishlist of items he would like help with: Match calendars, banners, yard signs, social media posts and apparel.

I was excited to help and I immediately got to work taking photos of the boys and girls varsity teams – this gave me all the pictures I would need for all the coach’s wishlist items.

We found a local business to sponsor these 12×18″ posters that were hung in every classroom and around campus, local businesses and in the homes of every player. (This is something our boys football and basketball teams have created in the past and we borrowed the idea).

In the past, all seniors have received a large (larger than life) banner on the courts – this year we extended it to the whole varsity team and it was a statement. Our courts are new and don’t have any branding so the banners were a welcome addition. At the end of the season each player gets to keep their banner – I have a feeling we’re going to use Hallie’s for a few fun pranks. 🙂

Borrowing again from our football and basketball programs, all the players received yard signs to show their participation in tennis.

Using photos from the photo shoot, I created different social media graphics the coach could post on all our channels every match day. I never knew what graphics he was going to use so it was a fun surprise when Hallie’s face would pop up on my instagram.

We decided on sweatshirts for all the girls. We gave everyone a blue sweatshirt and they could add an additional red if they wanted to. We ended up having a much colder season than we anticipated and these sweatshirts were worn nearly every match. I was at a boutique last fall and found a lady who did custom chain stitch embroidery. I gave her my handwriting “toros” and she sewed it on every sweatshirt and included their last name around the back neck. We got so many compliments on them – you better believe I got one in both colors for myself because I’ve got a couple more years of supporting the Toros.

We also printed parent shirts, and shirts for all the girls and boys teams, including athlete of the week shirts.

We’re coming up on the tail end of the season and I’ve got a couple more things I need to work on for the state tournament as well as the end of the year banquet – but I’ve had so much fun. I love graphic design and incorporating that into my kids’ interests/activities gives me so much joy. I love driving up to the school and seeing all the banners proudly hang on the courts, or seeing the calendars as I exit the gym after a volleyball game. Tennis has been well branded this season and the coach has already mentioned he’s excited Hallie has another year on the team – which means another year of my help. And Hunter’s future high school coach (next fall) is already making his wishlist!