A couple months ago, Cannon sang a solo in church as part of the primary program. He did such a beautiful job, the stake choir director asked if he would sing a solo for the upcoming stake conference. I asked him and it was a hard no. He didn’t even think about it – he didn’t want to do it and I know how scary that can be so I wasn’t about to make him. I kindly declined the offer to the choir director. About a month later, she was still struggling to find a boy to participate and she asked again about Cannon and I reiterated he didn’t want to do it. But she had a plan.

She talked to Cannon and asked if he wanted to surprise Steve for stake conference by singing. Suddenly, the idea of singing in front of a large group wasn’t so scary if he could surprise his dad. And today was his big event.

We’ve been quietly practicing behind closed doors. Steve knew he was participating in the choir but was a little confused as to why Cannon started to get a little nervous last night. I’m sure he felt his nerves weren’t totally justified, but he calmed him all the same.

When we got to the conference this morning both Hallie and I shared with each other just how nervous we were for him. As the meeting started Briggs told me he couldn’t get his heart to slow down. I jokingly put my head to his chest and confirmed his heart was indeed beating fast and asked him why. He told he was thinking of Cannon singing. 🙂

The last song of our conference was the special musical number “How Great Thou Art”. As all the kids stood up and got in their places, Cannon was standing close to the podium and Steve was sitting near him smiling at him and cheering him on. And then as the prelude music started, Cannon took a step onto the podium riser with a girl who also had a solo.

It was at this point Steve realized Cannon was a soloist and his fear was more than justified. And Steve wept…through the whole entire song. It was the most beautiful surprise and Cannon executed it perfectly (I have kids who can sing beautifully, they just haven’t pursued it).

The funny thing is – so many people were in on the surprise to make it happen. Steve received agendas for the meeting and his agenda conveniently didn’t list the soloists – when everyone else’s did. The audio/visual people removed Cannon’s name from the screens Steve could see. Cannon’s dress rehearsal took place on the stage when they knew Steve wouldn’t be available.

In truth, it was a lot of effort on the choir director’s part to hold true to her agreement to Cannon to make it a surprise for his dad. I think it was just as special for Cannon as it was for Steve.

Cannon’s singing career may be done – you never know – but the memory of Cannon singing and Steve being overcome with emotion will forever live in my heart.