Today we had a beautiful church service full of music and words celebrating Jesus Christ and his resurrection. The kids also fought about who would get to sit by Steve because we need balance in all things!

Last year I cooked a hundred rolls and we didn’t even attend the dinner thanks to sick kids.

This year, I cooked a hundred rolls and we were happy to be sitting at the Easter table once again with family. We even had a last minute visitor join us.

After we got home from church there was a knock on the door. A young woman explained she was dog/house sitting next door (we were aware we were the on-call help if any problems arose) and was having a hard time getting the key to open the door. Steve and I went over to help her out and found out she’s in college, doesn’t have any family around and didn’t have plans for Easter dinner. So she bravely walked into a house of 40 strangers and enjoyed a beautiful meal with us this evening.

The younger kids enjoyed an egg hunter at our house before dinner. We stuffed eggs for all the kids but ended up having neighbors stop by for a visit. So 2 of the 5 kids found their eggs and we’ll have to hide the other eggs tomorrow.

We then had an egg hunt with cousins. Always very competitive because the kids know Steve’s parents put money in eggs! Makes the hunt that much more fun.

The cousins in town for Easter (minus two who left early). The group seems to be getting smaller and smaller year after year…but luckily the next generation is getting married and having kids and our numbers are on the rise again.

I am grateful for a season where we spend time focusing on our Savior and His sacrifice – especially this past week where we’ve studied and focused as a family on the events of Holy Week. Today was a culmination of the celebration and I’m grateful we were able to spend it with family.