Sometimes I just need to document life and the pace that it is.

This is in no way complaining or wearing it as a badge of honor, it just is what it is and we’re really enjoying this stage.

Last week was all about sports. In what I dub the perfect storm, all three boys were playing in the same soccer tournament, this meant we had a lot of games to watch – including 5 games on Saturday and not one of them overlapped times.

I’m glad it’s one of my favorite sports to watch.

Cannon had four tournament games.

Bennett had three tournament games.

Hunter had three tournament games. And one school soccer game. And soccer practice all week. And tennis practice one day.

By a stroke of luck, Hallie only had one tennis match. But was also able to play several days of pickleball for fun and even sand volleyball.

On top of that I was able to go to Suns game with friends. And we attended our nephew’s school volleyball game as he’s winding down his senior year.

With the sports our kids have chosen to participate in – this always seems to be the most busy season of the year, so we’re just going to sit with it and enjoy every minute. Cannon and Bennett’s season is officially done (although they play “year-round” we have two weeks before tryouts, and then we take the summers off). Hunter has one more tournament, but his junior high soccer just started. Hallie’s school tennis season is winding down with her last matches before state this week.

I’m actually not ready for them to all be done for the season – especially Hallie’s tennis season. The school has such a short season and I feel like we’re just getting started when in reality it’s wrapping up.

Luckily the weather is warming up and we’ll be swapping shinguards for swimsuits in no time.