I’ve always enjoyed Taylor Swift’s music but I wouldn’t have ever describe myself as a “Swiftie” but after attending her concert I am converted!

I was able to buy some last minute tickets from a friend and even after she offered – I wasn’t really interested. The tickets were so expensive and I wasn’t willing to spend that much…but Steve thought I should. In fact, after I told Steve I didn’t think it was worth it, he texted my friend saying we’d take the tickets! He reminded me I only have one daughter and she’ll be gone before we know it. So we lived for the moment and enjoyed every minute – it was worth every single penny!

The room was electric with crazy fans and everyone sang along. And every song told a story – the stage and performance rivaled that of a broadway play.

Taylor Swift is beyond talented and she knew how to put on a show unlike anything I had ever seen before. There is a reason she has groupies! She stood on that stage and sang for over 3 hours. I was tired while standing during the entire concert and I didn’t even have to sing and move around the stage. The stamina and endurance she must have is off the charts.

I walked away that night so impressed and so completely enamored with the experience as a whole. It was unbelievable. Even now, I’m at a loss for words with just how amazing it was. I am so grateful Hallie and I were able to share that experience – it is burned into my memory and my heart.