With Bennett’s recent 6th grade graduation, for the first time in raising kids we will have more kids out of elementary school, than in elementary school. The tables are shifting.

And Bennett could not be more excited to move on. He doesn’t know it yet, but I think he’s going to miss being the top of the food chain (oldest in the school), having siblings at the school with him, playing soccer at recess and speaking spanish half of his day. But right now he has nothing but nervous excitement and we are celebrating with him.

Bennett had the same set of teachers for both fifth and sixth grade and although that may not be ideal for some, it was just what Bennett needed. He thrived in his comfortable environment and they knew just how to push him along. Not to mention his Spanish in the last two years has exploded and its fun to see him converse with others and start to understand more.

This is a large portion of the kids that live in the neighborhood who roam the streets after school together. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies which makes them more like siblings than friends and they are just the type of friends you want walking into junior high with you.

Goodbye 6th grade!