Years ago when Hallie turned 12 years old, I bought all the supplies for a fun glow party. After the party, everything went into a bin and we’ve been using it ever since. We’ve used it on New Years, we used it for Hunter’s 12th birthday, we’ve had friends borrow the box-o-supplies. And this weekend we pulled the glow party box out for Bennett on his 12th birthday.

We played the same games we created for Hallie’s party all those years ago. Our large bin of tennis balls has only grown larger (they glow the best under a black light!) and there are endless amounts of games you can come up with tennis balls and we’ve come up with several. In fact, before the party started they made up their own game and were playing dodge ball and pegging eachother with a glow-in-the-dark balls! The possibilities are endless. 🙂

The kids loved the highlighter trick – they were all skeptical it would actually show up in the dark but they had fun decorating their faces…and arms…and legs.

Bennett said his favorite game was the life-size hungry, hungry hippo. We played it multiple times, but he would have been happy if we played that all night.

Just as I expected – the glow party was a hit yet again. It never disappoints and Cannon is already anticipating his 12-year-old glow party.

We packaged everything back in the bin and it’s safely stored until we need it again. It’s the party that just keeps on giving.