There are so many field trips I would jump at the chance to chaperone but the Phoenix zoo is not one of them! We have been to so many beautiful zoos throughout the United States, but desert zoos just don’t carry the same beauty as so many other zoos we’ve visited. Not to mention, I’m not a huge animal fan regardless if it’s a pet or caged for viewers.

Fortunately for me as a chaperone, there were plenty of parents who did love the zoo and we had a 2:1 student/parent ratio. I only had to keep track of my kid and one other student which made my chaperone life a piece of cake.

Cannon was adamant that we fill out his animal log so we ran around and made sure to cross off as many animals as we could. And we lucked out because our cloudy/slightly rainy day made for the perfect weather for our morning at the zoo.

Cannon was so happy I joined him at the zoo – it was all he could talk about for days before and days after. His love language is time and I filled his bucket that day.